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Book the hotel for your visit to Prague through Praha Expert!

And this is why it makes a difference:

Praha Expert offers a select group of hotels, picked with a focus on the price/quality ratio and with honest descriptions of the location. Not as many to choose from as the huge hotel portals, you're maybe already familiar with, but instead you'll be dealing with a local person who listens and answers - not a machine.

When I write descriptions of the hotels, I offer, I do my very best to be truthful. I'll obviously focus on the positives, but I won't describe a hotel in a suburb as "in walking distance of all major sights". Far too often, when I read descriptions of accommodation anywhere in the world, I don't really find them trustworthy. I don't like that, so I focus on honesty!

What do you get, when you book your hotel through Praha Expert?

  • You'll get a competitive price - breakfast will always be included, and there will always be an option of cancellation included in the price.
  • You'll get a human being instead of a machine. And you'll be treated like a person instead of a number.
  • You'll get relevant information and access to personal advice from somebody who has lived in Prague since 2007, focosing on this particular city as a travel destination. I'm just a phone call or an e-mail away and will do my best to help you.
  • You'll be in touch with the same person, whenever you contact Praha Expert. You won't have to go through the same explanations again, if you need to write or call more than once. I'm already aware of who you are and what you're asking for
  • Honest hotel descriptions written by somebody who knows the city very well and doesn't focus on writing about several other destinations. That's what I mean, when I use the word "Praha Expert" - focus on Prague and Prague only


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Hotel U Kříže *** Újezd 20, Prague 1, Mala Strana