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Praha Expert by Laus Sorensen                                                                 UK phone: +44 0870 4953677
Rumunska 8, 12000 Praha 2, Czech Republic            US phone (toll free from landlines): +1 866 781 7022
e-mail:                                                 Czech mobile and sms: +420 776 819 223

Your friendly Praha Expert - Laus SorensenPraha Expert - contact information

It is very easy to get in touch with your friendly Praha Expert - there are several ways:




By phone: UK number (non-geographical because we are based in Prague). UK national call rate applies. (+44) 0870 4953677
  US number (toll free from landlines, normal rate apply from cell phones) (+1) 866 781 7022
  Czech mobile (cellular) phone. Good for direct calls and for text messages (+420) 776 819 223
Call Me Back Service If you would like to receive a call, simply press the button to the right and enter the number to call. If I am by the phone, you'll receive a call immediately  
By e-mail This address can be contacted in English, German, Danish, and French. I'll reply in English unless you specifically state otherwise.
By fax UK number (non-geographical because we are based in Prague). UK national call rate applies. (+44) 0870 4908848
Mailing address In case you want to send a letter in the old-fashioned way Laus Sorensen
Blanicka 6/772
12000 Praha 2
Ceska Republika

By phone:

Please be aware that there is a big time difference between the US and Prague. But still, feel free to call at any time. If I am not by the phone you can leave a message, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. Please remember to leave your name, number and maybe also e-mail address.

Hours of Operation

There are no fixed business hours at

I usually answer the phone between 11 am and 9 pm (GMT +1) including weekends and holidays.

Working hours are every day, including weekends and holidays (if urgent). Less urgent matters will be dealt with on weekdays and always as soon as possible.