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U Emy Destinnove

Katerinska 7, Praha 2 - phone (+420) 224 918 425
Open Monday to Friday 11.30-23.00, Saturday 12.00-23.30 - Sundays closed (unless you have a special event planned)


American owner, Steven Trumpfheller, and his staff will make you feel at home - only he cooks better than most mothers...

U Emy Destinnove - interiorThe restaurant is situated in the building where the famous Czech opera Diva Emma Destinn was born.
From the outside this place doesn’t look like something very special – but don’t be fooled by that!
Inside there’s a homely and cosy atmosphere with an open fireplace and lots of candles. There’s also a corner with comfortable sofas where you can choose to enjoy your coffee and maybe a cognac after dinner. Or have you aperitif served while you decide what to eat. On Wednesdays and Thursdays there is live music on the piano.
U Emy Destinnove - fresh ingredientsThe food is sort of a fusion between Italy, France, Asia, and Spain but with generous portions - maybe this is the American touch. Only completely fresh ingredients are being used, and you can be sure that the meat, fish and vegetables are all handpicked before preparation.
The wine list has a comprehensive selection of both Czech wines and also wines from more well known wine countries, such as France, Italy, Australia, Chile, and South Africa. Don’t forget that the Czech sparkling wine (Bohemia Sekt) offers good value for money and may be a nice aperitif which can also often compliment the starter.
The quality of the food is remarkably high compared to the prices which are a little above average compared to Czech standards, but very low compared to good restaurants in most other European capitals.
The owner and head chef, Steven Trumpfheller, personally prepares each serving, thus putting his prestige in every dish which is being put before the diners. He also likes to leave the kitchen and chat with his guests, which contributes to the feeling of being welcome.
The service is correct and attentive, but still relaxed and not more formal than you’ll want them to be. It depends on your own vibe, which they’ll respond to.

U Emy Destinnove - the best lamb in Prague?I’ll leave the choice of food up to each guest, but among my own favourites are the venison carpaccio, the pan-roasted mussels, or the eggplant stuffed with roasted peppers and goat cheese for starters. Among the main courses I find it difficult to ignore the roasted pork tenderloin or the rack of lamb – by far the best lamb I’ve had in Prague, and I have had a lot! But more often than not I am more tempted by the daily specials inspired by the fresh ingredients available the same morning, and you should definitely also consider these.
This restaurant is on the top of my list of favourites, and I can’t recommend it warmly enough!
Depending on your choices of food and drinks, expect to pay from around 500 Czech crowns – I typically walk away with a bill around 800-1000 per person for 3 courses and wine.